Specialist Endodontist

Dr. Deepa Nair BDS, MDS

Dr. Deepa Nair specializes in Restorative Dentistry and Endodontics. She has extensive clinical expertise in basic and complex endodontic procedures. She has clinical experience of over 8 years in the UAE and India.

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Professional Information & Experience

Dr. Deepa Nair provides the most advanced dental care in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.
She was ranked the highest in her Master's degree ( MDS) class from Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Health Sciences, Karnataka, India.

Area of expertise:
# Micro Endodontist with hands-on training in the dental microscope.
# Endodontic treatment of anterior, premolar, and molar teeth.
# Endodontic re-treatments.
# Single and multi-visit endodontics.
# Regenerative endodontic procedures
# Advanced isolation techniques
# Aesthetic refabrication of traumatically compromised teeth.
#Aesthetic restorative procedures like Veneers

She also has substantial experience in the field of General Dental Practice.
Dr. Deepa Nair has published her research work in international dental journals.
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